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Behold The 'Smencil,' The Peppermint-Scented Pencil

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Behold The 'Smencil,' The Peppermint-Scented Pencil
Photo Steven Depolo/Flickr

Do you have trouble concentrating? Perk up with the Smencil, the peppermint-scented writing utensil designed to be a ''smart pencil.''

The Smencil was created based on studies that prove the aroma of peppermint helps stimulate the brain and improve concentration.

Insead of wood, the pencils are made from rolled up pieces of newspaper. After being dipped in a ''gourmet liquid scent created by an award-winning fragrance company'' the Smencils are then set to dry inside a Freshness Tube, according to PSFK.

The Freshness Tube is made of corn-based biodegrable plastic so by using them you'd be eco-friendly while improving your mental shaprness. Not bad!

The Smencils can preserve their aroma for up to two years, even if kept outside of the Freshness Tube.

Don't like peppermint? Smencils are sold in a variety of other scents including Juicy Melon, Pom Paya and Cherry Cola.

Via PSFK, Design Taxi

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