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The Cooktop Designed To Prevent Fires

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The Cooktop Designed To Prevent Fires
Photo Industrial Design Served

Here at FDL we love coming across smart design that is both visually appealing and useful. We've brought you the fridge with a brain and this sophisticated udon noodle box. Now, we're excited to share with you our latest find: a plug in cooktop designed to prevent fires.

Designed by Daniel To, a college student from New Zealand, the cooktop is stylish and sleek. Its compact size makes it easy to fit onto any counter top and color coded features make it easy to use. For instance, when you select ''boil'' or ''fry'' the cooktop automatically sets the adequate temperature to prevent burning.

Sensors indicate when the cooktop has been unattended for an extended period of time, which prompts a red light and vocal warning saying ''cooking is unattended, stir to resume.'' If the pot has been left unattended for 2 minutes, it automatically turns off.

Now, here's a cooktop design that we're excited to see hit the market. Would you buy this phenomenal invention? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Industrial Design Served

  • BettaElectricalNZ said on

    These Cooktops are really amazing. Glad to see that the technology is improving at rapid rate as recently i bought a cooktop that was having nearabout 80-85% features.

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