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Food Design: a New Platform and a Competition

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Food Design: a New Platform and a Competition

If you like “eating with your eyes”, get ready to take it to the next level: an international gang of designer-chefs is committed to turning food preparation into a fully-fledged artistic process, where design plays the same role it plays in painting or in any other visual art: it’s both about aesthetics and serving a narrative purpose.

At the forefront of the movement is French designer and cuisine expert Marc Brétillot (in the picture), who this year will lead the jury of the food design section of the Core 77 Design Awards to be assigned in France (submission entries by April 10th).

The idea is not entirely new: since man first turned milk into cheese, we have long been choosing the shape of most of our food. The process, however, has so far been dictated mostly by tradition or material constraints. Brétillot and his accolades call for a bolder, more conscious artistic approach to cooking: one where the table becomes a stage.

Whether it’s Michel Bras cooking “landscapes” or David Edward playing with scents and collective memory in his “aerial gastronomy”, food design may change the way we eat and even our perception of food. At the very least, it could make for some really exciting foodie experiences.

Brétillot is developing also a new online platform, called Thinking Food Design.

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