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Gorgeous Cruet Set Inspired By Garlic

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Gorgeous Cruet Set Inspired By Garlic

Who knew the curves and shape of garlic could inspire art? After studying and observing purple garlic, a group of Spanish designers wanted to pay homage to the humble bulb. That's how Ajorí came to be.

Ajorí is play on ajo, the Spanish word for garlic. The cruet set features six elegant containers that gather around a wooden stem, making it resemble a giant but gorgeous bulb of garlic. The award-winning design of the cruet set  was conceived and created by Jorge O. Viñas, Carlos Jímenez Pérez, and Pilar Balsalobre.

The Ajorí cruet set makes a great table ornamet and conversation starter. Watch the video below to see the inspiration and design that went into crafting Ajorí.

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