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The Book of Sausage - lots of Sausage...

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The Book of Sausage - lots of Sausage...

The great thing about the humble sausage is its diversity. They change depending on size, filling, cooking style - but more importantly one of the biggest changes that comes with a sausage is geographically.

Every country, region and sometimes every town has it's own style of sausage - from the chunky Cumberland of England to the dark, rich and spicy blood sausages of Spain - countries can easily be defined by their sausage style.

That's exactly what the recent book, Sausage: A country-by-Country Photographic Guide, sets out to do. The book examines over 330 different varieties of sausage throughout the world offering information on ingredients, where they can be bought and in some cases how to make them yourself.

The pictures are great and if you're serious about your sausage this could be just the book for you.

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