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Creativity in the Kitchen Uncovered in Two Unmissable New Books

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Creativity in the Kitchen Uncovered in Two Unmissable New Books

Being a good chef requires technique, knowledge and experience, but being a great chef is being able to go that extra mile engaging creativity.

Here are two books that charter that quest for creativity in the kitchen helping readers claim a stake in their own personal culinary journeys.

From Jasper Udink ten Cate's way of making you look at food as an experience to Questlove's 10 chef interviews in Something to food about us we have the chance to get inside those creative minds. Take a look.

Creative Chef - How to Create a Mind-Blowing Food Experience by Jasper Udink ten Cate

Forget the confines of traditional recipes and take a step back. This book from the Creative Chef is about re-creating those amazing and memorable eating experiences and putting stories behind them that'll turn your dinner parties on their head.

The Creative Chef shares a number of tips, ideas and instructions as well as edible art and music giving that element of magic and excitement to every meal as he teaches us the secret to applying that captivating creativity.

Due out: May 10, 2016
Available order: Amazon



Something to food about: Exploring Creativity with Innovative Chefs by Questlove (Author), Ben Greenman (Author), Kyoko Hamada (Photographer) 

There isn't much Questlove hasn't turned his creative hand to, from drumming, producing and directing to culinary entrepreneurship and writing making him more qualified than most to tap into what makes a chef's creativity tick in his new book and ode to love of food.

"This was a journey (a fun tasty one at that) into the lives of Culinary Creatives. When I took my journey to Japan to eat #Jiro’s sushi I was shocked that he referenced himself as an Artist. Not a chef. I was thrown for a loop but it made total sense to me..." 

Somethingtofoodabout gives the creative artist the chance to pick up with ten innovative chefs in America, including Modernist Cuisine's Nathan Myhrvold and French celebrity Ludo Lefebvre, and chat with them about how they are pushing culinary boundaries through food as art.

Whilst the conversations might start with food there's no guaranteeing where the flow will take them, as after is food for thought.

Due out: April 12, 2016
Available from: Amazon

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