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A Food Concert: How to Turn a Fruit Basket Into an Orchestra

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A Food Concert: How to Turn a Fruit Basket Into an Orchestra
Photo courtesy Quiet Ensemble


The concept of Natura Morta ('Still Life') is one conceived of by three Italian musician/performers that used different kinds of fruit, and making use of the electric energy contained in them, create music.

The sound is generated from the contact of hands upon the fruit. Thanks to the use of a particular technique through which the frequencies are amplified, with the help of Alexa Praga and the programmer, Marco Cinquegrana, the Quiet Ensemble collective gives voice to the invisible sounds of bananas, apples, lemons, pineapples and oranges, through their musical experiments.

The sound is truly unique, creating an almost miraculous sensation. It’s not every day that a simple fruit gets transformed into something mysterious and alluring. At this link you could hear the audio of the 'fruit concert'.

The Quiet Ensemble is not the only one to "play" food: here you could find out more about the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra is the world's first and only all-vegetable band.

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