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Spicy Food Art: Ginger Ceramic Sculptures

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Spicy Food Art: Ginger Ceramic Sculptures
Photo Leif

Just a few days ago we featured five ways of using ginger but we didn't imagine you could also create  food art wtih this fiery root.  Any spice lover will fall head over heels for these intriguing ginger sculptures from Leif, a shop based in Brooklyn.

Hand crafted in Rhode Island, each sculpture is cast in porcelain from a unique ginger root. Which means when you buy a piece of this food art, it is completely like no other. The matte exterior is a somber constrast to the colorful shiny interior of each ginger root. You can purchase your own ginger food art in turquoise, peach and yellow for $55 each.

Leif suggests the ginger sculptures would look great atop a stack of books on your coffee table. How would you display this gorgeous food art?


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