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Are Opposable Thumbs The Future of Forks?

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Are Opposable Thumbs The Future of Forks?

Consider this: forks have four tines but our hands have five fingers. If forks had one extra tine, maybe a shorter one designed like our thumbs, would they be even better at helping us roll spaghetti?

A Japanese designer Keisuke Tsubakimoto seems to think so. The dynamic designer created a line of forks which completely mimic our hands. The wooden forks have a thumb, which should make forks even handier (bad pun fully intended) so you can get a better grasp on your grilled T-bone.

Is this the next frontier in cutlery? We're not sure any more forks will be growing thumbs anytime soon. However, the world of spoons is also being revolutionized.  Last week, we featured an ice cream spoon that uses your body heat to melt ice cream. Who knows what's next?

Via Gizmodo

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