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Meet The Egg Bot

By FDL on

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Meet The Egg Bot

We've all heard of the rather expensive Fabergé eggs - beautifully hand crafted jeweled eggs created by the Russian Peter Carl Fabergé. They're beautiful to look at but often costing over a million pounds, they're a pretty expensive thing to collect.

However, this may be about to change with the latest carnation of The Egg Bot - a machine that's designed to draw intricate patterns on spherical and egg shaped objects.

Born from a collaboration between Bruce Shapiro, Ben Trombley, and Brian Schmalz - the first machine was produced back in 1990 and 13-years later we have this 16X micro-stepping, 200 step/rev motorized machine with USB and a 3200 step revolution - in none geek terms - a machine capable of drawing highly detailed and precise patterns on anything from light bulbs to ping pong balls.

The Eggbot is an open source hardware and software project and the makers are hoping that people take to hacking the device, finding new uses and applications for the creation.

It all seems a little egg-travagant but it's something that will surely offer up a whole list of new answers to the age old question of 'how do you like your eggs in the morning?' We fancy ours with a maze....


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