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Jump Into A Sweet Universe With Chocolate Solar System

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Jump Into A Sweet Universe With Chocolate Solar System

When it comes to aesthetics, the Japanese prove to be particularly fond of all things bizarre and food doesn’t make an exception. This is why the fact that the first planetary chocolates ever produced come from a Japanese chocolatier, isn’t a big surprise for anyone.

The author of this ingenious sweet collection is L’Eclat, Righa Royal Hotel’s patisserie, which has outlets all across the country. Their chocolaty solar system is composed by 8 planets in total, including Mercury (coconut mango), Venus (cream lemon), Jupiter (Vanilla), Saturn (rum raisin), Uranus (milk tea), Neptune (cappuccino), Mars (orange praline) and of course Earth (cacao).

For the upscale chocolatier, astro-inspired degustations don’t end with planets: a collection of the major meteorites ever discovered, 8 in total, are available for sweet toothed gourmands with an adventurous spirit to try in-store or to order online!

  • Diana said on

    Amazing! How can I see the Japanese page in English? I am interested in purchasing one box of chocolate :)

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