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Incredible Edible Chocolate Camera

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Incredible Edible Chocolate Camera
Photo Hans Chung

When it comes to food, photography is crucial for portraying succulence and stimulating appetites. Indeed, the right picture can make your mouth water in just seconds. But what if the camera was just as delicous as the food?

That's what San Francisco photographer Hans Chung set out to do when he made an exact replica of a Canon DSLR using  5 pounds of chocolate.

Chung starts by buying a real camera and lens. He then makes a mold box in which he pours tempered chocolate.

Making each edible chocolate camera takes him about five hours and basically destroys the original camera, he said.

''Making a mold of something so intricate is not easy [or] cheap. The mold material required to achieve this level of detail does not last beyond 10 copies. After 10 copies, some details start to fade,'' Chung said.

Do you like this chocolate camera? You can be its proud owner for just $500.

Via Design Taxi

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