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Find the Best Burger in Your City

By FDL on

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Find the Best Burger in Your City

Where’s your favourite burger? Is there really a more polarising question? Everyone has an opinion and everyone it seem, in almost every city, has their trusted burger hangout.

It’s with this in mind that a group of friends in America got together and developed Burgerator, an app that’s designed to lead you directly to the best burger in whatever city you’re in.

They say they: “We’re not some snooty critics club, we’re just guys and gals with a serious passion for burgers who love to grub.”

The app works by asking users to submit pictures of their burgers, rating them on a number of aspects including the all important “burger-to-bun ratio, taste and toppings.” Users can also see a list of the top ten rated burgers around the world and discover new burgers for over 250 cities around the world.

It joins a growing number of apps designed specially to help people get straight to the source of good food when in a new city, including Food Spotting, an app for Beer Hunting and our very own app for finding great Italian products in London.

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