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The Scarf With A Hidden Flask

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The Scarf With A Hidden Flask
Photo FlaskScarf via Design Taxi

Those who enjoy getting boozy on the sly will love the FlaskScarf, a stylish scarf that has a secret compartment where you can stash your favorite drink. This hip scarf was created by the makers of FlaskTie and works by holding 8 ounces of liquid that can be discretely drunk from a small valve. 

According to its makers, the FlaskScarf "is everything you need to get your drink on and look good doing it." Sure, it's great for taking a sip of the hard stuff while working or studying but the scarf also offers a stylish way to hydrate while working out.

So there you have it: a fabulous  one-size-fits-all scarf that can conceal your favorite booze or non-alcoholic drink of choice. Genius!

The FlaskScarf is available here in a range of colors and styles. It retails for $24.95.

Via DesignTaxi

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