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A Flashlight So Powerful It Can Cook An Egg

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A Flashlight So Powerful It Can Cook An Egg
Photo WickedLasers

Next time you find yourself in the great outdoors and hungry you may want to bring along the FlashTorch. This nifty flashlight is so powerful it can literally cook an egg or start a campfire.

Produced by Wicked Lasers, the Flashtorch has been dubbed the ''world's brightest flashlight.'' It's compact, made from military-grade aluminum and produces 4,100 lumens of intense white light so powerful it can incinerate virtually anything - definitely not the type of tool you want to fool around with.

The Flashtorch has three different settings so you can customize it to your needs, whether you need a wide floodlight or high heat for roasting marshmallows. It uses a lithium battery and has a lock-out system that prevents accidental use. All these bells and whistles come with a price tag of $200.

Watch the Flashtorch in action:

Via Inhabitat

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