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Fear Of Food, The Book That Explains It

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Fear Of Food, The Book That Explains It
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Have you ever bought  food thinking it was good for you only to have science debunk it's health claims? It's happened to all of us (just think margarine and trans fats). The sad part is you are left wondering what foods are truly healthy.

Fear of Food: A History of Why We Worry About What We Eat  is a book that taps into that anxiety. Author and food historian Harvey Levenstein examines major consumer trends since the 1800s, shedding light on the foods we eat and why. He also attempts to answer common questions like: Is red wine good for the heart? Are eggs bad for cholesterol? 

In the end, Levenstein just wants us to rediscover the joys of eating something just because it tastes good. That's something any foodie can relate to. If you are looking for other foodie books to read this summer, we recommend Marcus Samuelsson's memoirYes, Chef.

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