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Father's Day Gifts: 6 Things to Get Dad If He's A Foodie

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Father's Day Gifts: 6 Things to Get Dad If He's A Foodie
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Forget giving dad a tie for Father's Day! If he loves cooking, spoil him with a gift that speaks to his inner foodie. Below you'll find the perfect Father's Day gifts for grill masters, beer lovers, Star Wars fans and dads who enjoy the great outdoors. To make his present extra special, try including a handwritten recipe for BBQ favorites like grilled lamb chops or a juicy Tokyo burger. We can guarantee dad will be pleased!

The Robot That Cleans Grills

Does dad love to grill but hate the ensuing clean up? Treat him to this handy grill robot that will do all the dirty work. The Grillbot will leave the grill spick-and-span so dad doesn't have to deal with messy grill brushes.

The Cookbook for Hot Dogs Lovers

If dad loves franks then he'll enjoy making the recipes from Haute Dogs: Recipes for Delicious Hot Dogs, Buns, and Condiments. Not only will dad make killer artisan hot dogs but he'll also be able to whip up tasty condiments for a gourmet cookout. This book will be the Father's Day gift that keeps on giving.

The Flashlight That Can Cook an Egg

Nature-loving dads will get giddy when they unwrap the Flashtorch, a flashlight so powerful it can cook an egg, roast marshmallows and start campfires in just minutes. This heavy-duty flashlight produces 4,100 lumens of intense white light so powerful it can incinerate virtually anything - so tell dad to be careful while he's having fun with his new toy.

Sushi Sticky Notes

Liven up dad's work space by gifting him a set of sushi sticky notes. Each pack of sushi stickies come with tamago, salmon, tuna, and fatty tuna styles so dad can write his reminders on crave-worthy note pads. Who knows? He may be inspired to take you out to sushi.

Magnetic Bottle Opener

If dad is always complaining that there never seems to be a bottle opener around when he needs one? With the magnetic bottle opener he'll never have this problem again. Dad can stick this magnetic bottle opener practically anywhere - from his beloved grill to a fridge or cooler.

Darth Vader Toaster

Is dad a Star Wars fan? Let him geek out to this cool Darth Vader toaster that uses ''the force'' to make breakfast all that more delicious. All he has to do is pop in the bread and the face of the Dark Lord will magically appear on each piece of bread. 

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