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This Fat-Skimming Ladle Will Change How You Make Gravy Forever

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This Fat-Skimming Ladle Will Change How You Make Gravy Forever
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There Is an Easier Way To Make Gravy

Making gravy is a Thanksgiving ritual. One of the hardest things about preparing gravy, aside from trying to keep it from forming lumps, is separating the fat from your pan drippings.

Usually you rummage through your kitchen to find your bulky fat separator cup which takes up space and you only use once a year. When you don’t find it you end up trying to skim the fat with a spoon and we all know how that goes. Well, it’s time to change your gravy-making ways.

Say hello to the fat-skimming ladle that is a complete game changer. This gorgeous stainless steel ladle has a pour spot that quickly removes fat from liquids. That means you can dip it into into your roasting pan instead of pouring hot pan drippings into a measuring cup and risk burning yourself.

This fat-skimming ladle virtually takes up no space and can be stashed with your other serving spoons so it’s handy every time you make soup, stock or gravy. Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is never an easy task but this nifty tool will save you some precious time. Find it here where it retails for $39.95.

What about you? What tools are indispensable for holiday cooking? Tell us in the comments below!

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