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The Fat & Furious Burger Book, A Feast For Burger Lovers

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The Fat & Furious Burger Book, A Feast For Burger Lovers

The talented French duo behind the popular Fat & Furious Burger series, which features wildly creative and mouthwatering burgers (check them out here), have published their first cookbook.

The Fat & Furious Burger cookbook is written in French but the captivating images of mile-high burgers would make it a great addition to your coffee table (even if you don't speak français). You'll find 60 creative recipes for funny and amazing burgers made with beef, salmon, chicken, black truffles, cornflakes, Pink Lady apples, and even pineapple.

Among the delicacies featured in the book is the tongue-in-cheek Pizza Mutant Ninja Burger, made of Tomatello, Michelangelorigan, Léolardo, Mozzarello, Schreddar, Appril Peppero’neil and Sauce samouraï...get it?

There's also a sushi-inspired Mystery Box Burger made with raw salmon, smoked bacon, mint, basil, garlic,  yogurt sauce served on a rice bun dotted with black sesame seeds. 

These recipes are just the tip of the iceberg. For more burger adventures, you may order a copy of the book through the Fat & Furious Burger website.

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