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This FarmBot will Grow Your Food For You

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This FarmBot will Grow Your Food For You
Gardening is great fun and a very rewarding process, especially if you’re growing the food you will eventually eat. 
As fun and rewarding as gardening can be, it’s not for everyone – we just don’t all have those green fingers in our arsenal. 
Step in FarmBot – a robotic gardener that will plant, water and care for your plants so you don’t have to. 
The FarmBot, which is an open source project, meaning anyone can contribute to the code and development of the bot,  will even plant the seeds in the ground. 
It monitors the growth of each plant and gives the specific amounts of water needed to grow each variety perfectly. This is truly hi-tech gardening – the bot will even detect weeds in your patch and set out to kill them before they become a nuisance. 
The technology still costs quite a lot of money with a pre-order coming in at $2,900, however, demand is obviously there as the company say they have already collected $240,000 in orders. 
Take a look at the video below from Tech Insider to see the machine in action. 

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