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Fairy Floss Ice Cream is the Latest Dessert Craze

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Fairy Floss Ice Cream is the Latest Dessert Craze
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People are letting their imaginations run wild with ice cream: we've had jet–black ice cream, the resurgence of astronaut ice cream – there's even a museum in Brooklyn, New York dedicated to the frozen treat. There's seemingly no end to people's ambitions to up their ice cream game and move away from boring old vanilla: hence, fairy floss ice cream.

Sweet Tooth

Fairy floss (cotton candy, or candy floss for those in the UK) ice cream is the latest dessert craze sweeping Instagram and is instantly more paleattable than another recent sweet trend, these meat popsicles, but you'll need a serious sweet tooth. Australian ice cream parlour Aqua S seems to be behind a lot of the creations, but they have been popping up all over the world.


Essentially, it just involves wrapping an ice cream in fairy floss and ... that's it. Take a look at some examples below: they look devilishly hard to eat, but have a real ethereal quality about them. It's actually quite calming just looking at them – the opposite effect to actually eating one, given the sugar content.

Via Food Beast

Did you know stuffed croissants are the new cronuts?


Ice cream heaven 😍🌈 #aquas #fairyflossicecream #sydneysundays

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