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This App Will Choose Your Best Food Pics

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This App Will Choose Your Best Food Pics

One of the classic mistakes new photographers make is to take too many pictures, it’s the fear of missing that great shot and the lack of confidence in knowing how to get exactly what you want.

If you still fall into this category then the app below could be just for you. Called EyeEm, it works by analysing all the photos in your library and automatically suggesting the best ones.

Users report that the app is pretty selective in what it deems to be a great picture but how nice to have a discerning digital eye.

The idea being employed is called ‘computer vision technology’, the EyeEm app was originally produced to allow photographers and videographers to license their work - so, perhaps those great shots within the thousands of duds could actually be worth some money.

If the app analyses your library and doesn’t return any matches it likes, maybe you should be taking a look at this guide to taking better food pictures with your phone.

You can download the app for Apple here, Android here. 

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