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The Extreme Toaster that Bends

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The Extreme Toaster that Bends

Will foldable toasters one day sit proudly on our kitchen worktops ? They will if designers Burcu Bag, Amalia Monica and Vinay Raj Somashekar have anything to do with it. They've created an extreme toaster concept called the Halo Toaster Wrap.

The Toaster Wrap is stantard bread toaster in the role it performs but very futuristic in its design and implementation. Users lay the toaster on a flat surface, place a piece of bread on the modernized heating element and fold the toaster over. Just like you might fold a piece of paper in half.

The idea, which is only a concept at the moment, is to help with storage as more and more people live in smaller one bedroom city apartments. It can be rolled up like a mat and the team says it also provides a more even toasting of bread. No matter how it toasts bread, if this ever comes to market it will surely be one cool looking extreme toaster.

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Source: Yanko Design

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