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EVAK - Airtight Glass Containers

By FDL on

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EVAK - Airtight Glass Containers

We all know that the more air our food and drink is exposed to the quicker it goes stale - just think about how sealed containers keep foods fresh for longer.

With that in mind the Prepara have created the EVAK - a simple set of containers that quickly remove allow people to store ingredients in an simple air tight container.

The difference with EVAK when compared with outer air tight containers is that the unit is made of glass, meaning foods never come into contact with plastics.

It works by simply pressing down the handle which in turn seals the product inside the container and acts as a handle for the container.

The EVAK containers costs between $19.99 - $ 29.99 depending on the price. They can be used to store all sorts of ingredients from herbs and spices, to fruits and pastas.

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