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Electro Fork Makes Salt-Free Food Taste Better

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Electro Fork Makes Salt-Free Food Taste Better

Electro Fork: Seasoning with Electricity

We all know salt is essential in the kitchen but people with high blood pressure should not consume it freely. So what’s a food lover to do? Eat bland foods forever? Well, not if they can get their hands on this high-tech electric fork.

The Electro Fork is a unique kitchen utensil that makes food prepared without salt taste delicious. This magnificent feat is achieved thanks to electric currents that deliver taste to your tastebuds.

While the electro fork itself has no nutritional value the stimulation alone makes everything from salt-free pork chops and salt-free cake taste like their regularly seasoned counterparts. Watch it in action:

Electro fork was developed in Japan by ​Hiromi Nakamura, a doctorate research fellow at the University of Tokyo. Nakamura promotes using electricity as a seasoning and discovered the technology behind electro fork while working on another project. The cool fork has already debuted at two pop-up eateries but hasn't gone mainstream.

The concept for electro fork is certainly a thoughtful one. Other interesting high-tech forks making waves in the food world include the Aromafork (pictured below), which releases aromas with the press of a button to enhance the dining experience.

Given the popularity of multi-sensory dining you can probably expect to see more high-tech forks popping up in a Michelin-starred kitchen near you.

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