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An Electric Food Truck To Enjoy Eco Friendly Street Food

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An Electric Food Truck To Enjoy Eco Friendly Street Food

The Dutch company Tuk Tuk Factory has developed E-Tuk Vendo, a fully electric rickshaw-style van - very common in India, Asia, and Africa - for foodtrucks and mobile catering.

Tuk Tuk factory produces some of the first electric models of the vehicles, to which the 'vendo' has just been added as the first craft designed specifically for food service: the 'vendo' is designed to be plugged in during stops, to power all systems (sink with water pumps, refrigerator, electrical outlets) and recharge. The right side of the vehicle opens to provide 3 cubic meters of retail space, with the ability to slide the side cover into place as a canopy top. A built-in work table can be pulled out of the rear to provide a countertop.

The basic version of the 'E-Tuk Vendo' is priced at 24,000 euro, with an expected lead time of three to four months. Additional extensions to the vehicle include a solar roof and rain covers and other accessories.

Via Designboom

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