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ElBulli and Esquire: the Smell of Chef Adrià's Success

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ElBulli and Esquire: the Smell of Chef Adrià's Success

There’s nothing that unleashes our memories more than an smell, a scent. Which is why the Spanish edition of the monthly magazine Esquire is honouring the closure of elBulli with a very special issue: a scratch and sniff cover dedicated to Ferran Adrià and the restaurant he brought to worldwide fame.

Scratching over the header, just over the forehead of Adrià’s photograph, you’ll be treated to the smell of elBulli. In the video interview with Esquire, Adrià explained: «There is no doubt this Esquire cover smells like elBulli (…) this phase is ending and it’s wonderful we can always have a memory, a little piece of elBulli, it’s smell.»

The master perfumer Dario Siderol was given the task of creating this special aroma. But what does an icon of global gastronomy smell like? In agreement with Ferran Adrià, Sirerol decided to reproduce the scents that Adrià smelled every day at elBulli, perhaps while seated on the restaurant’s terrace that faces out over Cala Montjoi, while planning new dishes or menus. «The concept of a smell that represents a place is difficult, » explained Adrià in his interview with Esquire. «But I believe this is a smell of sea, eucalyptus and pine trees.»

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