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This Timer Makes Perfect Boiled Eggs Every Time

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This Timer Makes Perfect Boiled Eggs Every Time

Tired of never getting the perfect boiled eggs? Forget using ordinary timers! What you really need is the Egg-Perfect egg timer, a nifty kitchen gadget that yields the perfect boiled eggs every time.

How does it work? The Egg-Perfect timer goes into the pot right along with the eggs. As the eggs cook, the timer absorbs heat and uses temperature instead of time to gauge their doneness. The timer will begin changing colors so you can identify if the eggs are soft, medium or hard. That means no more surprises when you cut into your eggs!

The Egg-Perfect egg timer is easy to use and automatically adapts to the number of eggs and the level of water in the pot. It's available at Williams-Sonoma for $6 and makes a great stocking stuffer.

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