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Behold the Eco-Friendly Edible Spoons

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Behold the Eco-Friendly Edible Spoons

No washing up, no soap suds and above all no waste.

Just a few of the promises from the Indian start-up company, Bakeys Foods Pvt Ltd of their new 100% edible or biodegradable spoons; the first company in the world to create a mass produced edible piece of cutlery made from only three flours: rice, wheat and sorghum.

It's a simple as finishing off your plate of food and then polishing off your spoon and eradicating those mountains of unwanted plastic spoons.

Given that each year in the US alone 40 million pieces of plastic cutlery are used, it's easy to see why such a spoon (if not eaten, the spoon degrades naturally within three days) could change the current state of play, not only in many bars or self-service restaurants, but also for large catered events and family gatherings where plastic cutlery is currently the easy option.

100% vegan, no additives, no dairy, no saturated fat and all plant-based ingredients, with gluten–free certified status in the pipeline, the Bakey's spoon has strong eco-credentials and should appeal to any dietary requirements. The spoons are currently available in sweet, savoury or plain flavour: sugar, ginger-cinnamon, ginger-garlic, cumin, celery, mint-ginger, carrot-beetroot and black pepper and cost around $4 for 100 spoons.

The company suggests future diversification into forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons and even chopsticks and salad bowls, meaning there might come the day when we can make a meal out of the cutlery and crockery alone.

We brought you news of an edible spoon maker for use on a domestic scale earlier in the year.

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