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Introducing the New Edible Spoon Making Machine

By FDL on

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Introducing the New Edible Spoon Making Machine

Add an element of fun to mealtimes with the new kitchen appliance that bakes edible dessert sized spoons you can munch on with your meal.

Named the 'Edible Spoon Maker' it's extremely simple to use: just roll out some dough, cut out shapes using the provided cutter, place in the machine moulds, wait three minutes and remove.

The result is a crispy, ready to eat spoon ideal for eating soups, or scooping up salads and desserts in place of a piece of bread.

See the results below:

Try it as a perfect solution for lunch in the office, to give added crunch to your salad or just to accompany your morning yogurt.

The minimum hassle non-stick surface allows the spoons to be easily removed from the machine as well as easy cleaning.

Which leaves you with just one decision, what flavoured spoon would you like today? The choice is yours.

Take a look at the video below:

The Edible Spoon is currently raising funds to launch the project on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The eventual retail price is expected to be $25.

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