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Need A Protein Boost? Try Insect Power Bars

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Need A Protein Boost? Try Insect Power Bars
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For years now, some of the best chefs in the world have been hailing edible insects as the next new trend. Even the U.N. agrees we should be eating bugs, so have you tried a crispy critter yet? Perhaps a cricket power bar will do the trick.

Chapul power bars are made with 100% cricket flour so that makes them dairy- and soy-free. The company uses an innovative process ''inspired by native techniques used for centuries in the American Southwest and Mexico.''

The cricket power bars come in three flavors: Chaco, with contains chocolate, dates and peanuts; Aztec, a nut-free bar with cocoa, dates, coffee beans and a dash of cayenne; and Thai, which blends coconut, lime and ginger flavors with dates, almond butter and cashews.

To tell you the truth, these edible insect bars sound completely delish. We think René Redzepi would agree...

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