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Good Manners Ebook: the Must-Have Guide to Table Etiquette

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Good Manners Ebook: the Must-Have Guide to Table Etiquette

If you want to be considered the epitome of British manners in even amongst the crème de la crème, you should most definitely buy, study and commit to memory the virtual book, The Must-Have Guide to Posh Nosh Table Manners from the Britiquette series.

From the arrival at the restaurant to the moment of ordering, the guide gives you a step by step lesson on every instant of a formal dinner, foreseeing all kinds of unexpected events so that you are never taken off guard. Entire chapters devoted to all the different kinds of cutlery, dishes, and glasses – but it doesn’t stop there.

Beverages are explained meticulously: how to taste and order both wine and water, what to pair them with, how to hold the glasses. Cutting meat and fish, the right way to eat soup and even bread: this is a Bible with commandments you can count on.
Just follow them to the letter and you’ll be the perfect gentleman or lady that everyone wants to have for dinner.

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