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Easter Ideas: Four of the Best Egg Gifts on Etsy

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Easter Ideas: Four of the Best Egg Gifts on Etsy

For eggs Easter is their big moment to shine - there opportunity to take centre stage and show the world how great they can be. They get dressed up, have special recipes created in their honor - they have an army of stylists waiting to dress them up and chocolate shrines adorn the shelves of every shop in the land.

At Fine Dining Lovers HQ we love eggs, we talked about sharing with you 26 interesting facts about eggs, or the tips to make the perfect fried and boiled eggs: with this being their big moment we decided to bring you the best egg creation from the design and craft website

All Dressed up With Nowhere to Scramble
It wouldn't be Easter without some painted eggs which is why these creations from Bo Langner in America are featured first. They come as a package of 3 decorated chicken eggs and the artist employs a Ukrainian technique of egg decorating - very beautiful we're sure you'll agree:

A Cold Egg's a Bad Egg
Now we've all had that problem of how to keep our eggs warm during the cold nights - well even if you haven't we're pretty sure that no one can resist an egg wearing a pretty little wooly hat. Natalya from Las Vegas is offering her patterns on Etsy for anyone who would like to knit their own egg hats - pointless but very cute:

Eggs in the Bath
Isa from Boston has created these wonderful set of 15 soap eggs in a beautiful apothecary jar and sat on a bed of moss. For extra realism the eggs are the same size as a robin egg and black tea leaves are used to give them black speckled effect. These would make a great relaxing Easter gift and look so real they make us hungry. 

It's not Easter with Papier-mache
These rustic eggs would make great table decorations for an Easter dinner party. Made from papier-mache they are painted and transcribed in French. Created by Jill in California we think they're some of the best looking eggs on Etsy.

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