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Dry Age at Home with the SteakAger

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Dry Age at Home with the SteakAger
Photo The Meat Case/Flickr

Dry ageing is the best way to produce the tenderest, most flavoursome meat, but how many of us have the capacity or knowledge to dry age at home?

The makers of a gadget called The SteakAger say they have the solution. They promise to help you “perfectly and safely” dry age up to 22 lbs. of meat in your fridge. Their wifi-enabled box maintains the perfect temperature and humidity for dry ageing beef at home, while filtering out odours, as the meat ages. There is also a salt satchel to add flavour and aid with the drying process. 

As you can see from the video below, all you do is pop the meat in The SteakAger and then wait for at least 12 days. 

It’s certainly a more practical alternative, depending on the size of your fridge, to purchasing a separate dry ageing fridge such as The Steaklocker. And the makers say there is no chance of cross contamination.

It’s priced at $250 (£195), with an extra $75 (£65) for international shipping (free delivery in the US).

Via FoodBeast

Is this the best way to cook a steak, period?



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