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Drinking in Space: Don't Forget the Straw!

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Drinking in Space: Don't Forget the Straw!

Something as easy and straightforward as drinking a glass of water is anything but simple when done at zero gravity – just ask any astronaut who’s tried to do it.

The absence of gravity makes it so that water, when the glass is tilted towards your face, doesn’t actually slide down towards your mouth: the water will just hang there in the air. So what’s a thirsty astronaut to do? First of all, the grip must be strong and decisive – the astronaut has to hold on tightly to the container and squeeze hard, as if trying to eliminate the bubbles from a fizzy drink.

The containers holding beverages on spacecrafts are very lightweight and with one punch of the straw, any thirst is quickly quenched. Now all they have to do is swallow: which in space, is a difficult endeavour in itself.


Photo courtesy Nasa

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