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Drinkify Website: Listen to Your Drink!

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Drinkify Website: Listen to Your Drink!
Photo Doris Hausen | flickr

"Tell me what you listen to and I’ll tell you what to drink": here is the slogan of a website that combines drinks and music.

Drinkify is one of the preferred websites for the trend-setting alternative culture set. It’s an online service that combines the seven musical notes with alcoholic drinks, so that lovers of wine, liqueur, cocktails and music can combine their passions.

And Drinkify doesn’t just limit one drink to a single musical genre. It can pair a glass of wine or a frosty beer with a specific singer or band: all you have to do is put the artist or band name into the search engine and you’ll get the recipe for a cocktail that’s perfect to enjoy while listening. For example? A Radiohead album should be listened along with a Belgian beer, Led Zeppelin pairs well with Canadian whisky and coffee, and with the Chemical Brothers? A straight glass of gin in a salt-rimmed glass. W. A. Mozart, of course, requires a bottle of good red wine.

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