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The Toaster That Burns Faces on Bread

By FDL on

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The Toaster That Burns Faces on Bread

Sick and tired of regular looking toast? Want to know you'll be welcomed with a smile every time you hear the reassuring pop of warm crispy bread leaving the toaster? If so then your needs have been met by this cute little Domo Toaster.

It has to be one of the most ill conceived kitchen inventions we've ever seen at FDL HQ with many online complaining about the fact that the finished toast is not really that toasted. We may be alone in this but one of the key factors of our toast is that it must be, well, toasted.

It seems that with this device all efforts are spent burning a mouth and two eyes onto the bread within the toaster which does create some fun effects.

Basically, if regular all over toasted toast doesn't cut the mustard for you and you're seeking thrills in the form of faces burnt on your bread, then look no further than a Domo Toaster.

Useless or Useful? You decide.

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