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The Disgust Scale: a Test to Measure Your Feeling of Disgust

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The Disgust Scale: a Test to Measure Your Feeling of Disgust

The feeling of disgust, of course, it not exclusively tied to food, but to all of our sensibilities, especially our sense of sight. And psychology professor Paul Rozin of the University of Pennsylvania has created The Disgust Scale, to self diagnose our own propensity for various kinds of disgust, that goes beyond what we eat – a typical question includes those like: "It bothers me when I see somebody eating with their hands in a restaurant".

There are questions about animals, body care products, sexual habits, privacy violations, death, hygiene and the supernatural. With some true or false answers and some questions requiring one to state one’s “level” of disgust with regards to certain “hot” topics, he has been able to form an idea of how disgust works and where it comes from. How bothered would you be, for example, if you were to "drink a soda only to realize you were drinking out of someone’s else’s glass"? Or"would you avoid eating at your favourite restaurant if you knew the chef had a cold?"

Curious? You can download the Disgust Scale test in various languages to try it.

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