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3 Great Dining Tables and 1 Crazy Chair

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3 Great Dining Tables and 1 Crazy Chair
Photo by Luke Bennett

The dining table - our source of conviviality, conversation and sharing - three words that mark the points of any good dinner. We've long been singing the virtues of food events and pop ups that encourage conversation and some restaurants have built entire reputations on their shared menus that create a comfortable environment for diners to enjoy each others company,

All this takes place around the dining table and if you're serious about hosting guests and cooking food - you really do need a nice dining table. After all, it's the stage in which all good chefs show off their skills. With that in mind we've decided to bring you three great dining tables and one crazy chair.

The Oskar Dining Table
This dining table from Oskar comes in a number of shapes - oval, round and rectangular and is beautifully crafted with a striking design. We like the angular illusion the table gives - especially when surrounded by chairs - a great talking point but maybe a little small if you're known for hosting extravagant dinner parties.

Morgon and Marley
There's also this interesting table design from Morgan and Marley - a Danish studio based in Copenhagen. They have created the Unfold table which is designed to be folded out into many different shapes and sizes. Very Nordic and very sleek design - nice for  contemporary and modern kitchen:

Chubby Brothers
Coming in a total of six pieces this table from the Chubby Brothers is chunky yet organic and has a beautiful shape. The chairs slot under table fitting perfectly with the design - made from wood ash - there is a real earthy vibe to this dining table and the addition of the four chairs means the you don't have to spend time searching for matching chairs.

The Affinity Chair
How about this space age chair to really impress guests - Transparent all the way - the chair blends into almost any setting only lighting up when it's approached by someone.

Designed by Ben Alun Jones, it lights up with neon blue and is certainly a talking point but maybe a little over the top for some dining rooms.


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