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New Pocket Scanner and Smart App Can Tell you Exactly what's in Your Food

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New Pocket Scanner and Smart App Can Tell you Exactly what's in Your Food

That scary moment has finally arrived when we can no longer plead ignorant bliss whilst tucking into that afternoon cake or that second or third glass of wine, because we've been rumbled by technology, and it's called the DietSensor.

Yes, that's right, it's here, the first pocket sized sensor and app that can give you the nutritional breakdown of what's in that 'chocolate muffin' before you've had a chance to lift it to your lips. And not only that, you'll think twice about sinking your teeth into the gooey sponge once the app has given you sight of your calorie log for the day.

The DietSensor has been designed to reveal the chemical make-up of pretty much any homogenous or home-made food you point it at, giving you a breakdown of calories, carbs, fat protein and alcohol on your phone app. It uses spectroscopy at its scientific core which highlights how food molecules in food vibrate in a unique way when they interact with light.

The device was originally created with diabetics in mind but it has found a ready and willing audience in people looking to watch their weight. The idea being that the app can help you make smart food choices by logging the accumulation of daily calorie intake, making light work of that onerous calorie counting.

Here's how it works in action:

A look at the screen shots of nutritional information that will appear on your phone:

As with most quick fix promises, there's a price attached.

The scanner is available to pre-order for $249 (£169.49), and from then on a $10 (£6.80) monthly subscription fee will apply for updates. The scanner should be available from mid 2016 in the USA and Canada.

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