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Interesting Dessert Plate Designs

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Interesting Dessert Plate Designs

Chef Veronica Duboise has developed a range of interesting dessert plates and dessert designs alongside the Henry Richmond Young design team. A collection of three different designs that are meant to highlight the relationship between food, presentation, and diner.

Each one asks the eater to perform their eating ritual in a different way - from a plate that is actually cracked open to reveal that it's actually white chocolate.

One plate called Milk/Tea is made to sit food on top before it melts and falls into a different compartment underneath - in this case the dessert is a rose milk that's poured over a lemon sugar before the ingredients drop down and melt into a sorbet.

The discussion about the relationship between diner and cutlery is interesting and we certainly like the idea of designers trying to discover new exciting ways for us to eat.

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