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An Edible Insect Farm For Your Kitchen Countertop

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An Edible Insect Farm For Your Kitchen Countertop

Growing your own supply of mealworms for cooking and eating at home can soon be a reality with the world's first design desktop insect hive.  

Launched on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter the fully functioning hive has already secured serious interest from financial backers almost reaching the $100,000 target with over a month remaining.

At just 61cm tall the neat hive contains eight bug containing sliding draws, fits neatly onto kitchen work surfaces and is capable of producing up to 500 grams of protein rich super food mealworms every week. 

Learn more about where the idea came from for the crunchy insects:

Austrian designer Katharina Unger hopes the hive will provide a domestic alternative to mass meat production and encourage users to 'start a food revolution from the kitchen.'  The idea being that the mealworms create a healthy, safe and sustainable protein replacement in a compact self-contained system.

And the best bit? The mealworms will actually feed on your kitchen vegetable scraps meaning you can reduce your composting waste and grocery bills whilst having 100% control of your personal food chain via your mini protein farm. 

Pledge $499 or more through the Kickstarter campaign and you could be one of the first mealworm farmers. The final expected retail price will be $699 USD when the hive hits the market.

Seems the competition and interest in edible insects is ramping up. This year the first insect restaurant, Grub Kitchen, opened in Wales while top chefs like Rene Redzepi and Alex Atala are keeping insects on their culinary radar in the edible insect movement.

Listen to Katharina at a Tedx talk as she explains her vision for the future of food and how insects fit into it:

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