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Thaw Steaks Four Times Faster with 'That!' Defrosting Tray

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Thaw Steaks Four Times Faster with 'That!' Defrosting Tray

If you've subscribed to a buy a cow scheme or are a meat lover in general chances are you freezer is stocked with some prime beef to enjoy this grilling season.

If you're all for the impromptu party and taking advantage of good weather and good company you're going to need to thaw those steaks fast to throw onto the grill.

What alternatives do you have other than a microwave and a Bain-Marie? And how can you be sure your thawing technique is not affecting the final quality or flavour?

This is where the defrosting tray that is THAT! steaks a claim on your frozen bounty. Designed to let your food defrost four times faster than when it's left at ambient temperature, but in a natural way.

How does it work?

Thanks to a clever process of energy transfer and hidden reservoirs of thermal liquid inside the tray the frozen food placed on top activates a natural energy exchange influencing the speed of natural defrost.

You will also avoid turning the kitchen into an skating rink as the thawing water is captured in a small side tank.

So, that just leaves you to concentrate on the perfectly cooked steaks and enjoy the company.

That! Defrosting Tray - 79,90 EUR or 90 USD

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