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Is This the World's Cutest Food Baby?

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Is This the World's Cutest Food Baby?

If you were born in the last 30 years there's usually a few embarrassing baby photos of you in your parent's collection. You with food down your front, you crying, even you lying helplessly and naked on your back - it's the unwritten rule that parents much capture at least 3 embarrassing snaps of your childhood.

However, this is not the case if you're dad is the professional photographer Dave Engledow who captures adorable, funny and immensely cute pictures of him and his baby girl in some very interesting scenarios.

Dave and baby making pizza, Dave and bay tucking into some Easter chocolate, Dave and baby cleaning the kitchen and our personal favorite, David and baby tucking into a set of BBQ ribs.

The series is called "World's Best Father" and you can keep up to date on all his Dave's fresh pictures on his Facebook page.

For more amazing food based pictures click here:

Editor's Note: No babies were harmed during the making of these pictures.

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