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Dashi and Umami Book: the Heart of Japanese Food

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Dashi and Umami Book: the Heart of Japanese Food

For those who'd like to investigate Umani's origin, flavour and find out more about some foods it can be naturally found in, there is a book available called Dashi and Umami. 

Japanese cuisine is appreciated worldwide for its healthiness and its beauty in both appearance and flavour. The characteristic savoury-ness (umami) is achieved despite minimum use of oil, salt and flavourings. Dashi (stock) and the resulting umami are said to be the reason Japanese-cuisine is special. 

But what are they? How do they work? And why? This beautifully illustrated book reveals these secrets through both explanation and superb recipes introduced by Japan s top chefs. It is not only an essential read for people in the food industry, it is also a godsend to anyone who cares about what they eat. 

Published by Cross Media 2009
Price £ 14.85
Contributors Heston Blumenthal, Nobu Matsuhisa, Pascal Barbot and  Kiyomi Mikuni.
To purchase the book click here.

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