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Designer Crafts A Gorgeous Spoon Every Day of the Year

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Designer Crafts A Gorgeous Spoon Every Day of the Year

If you were as talented as Norweigan designer Stian Korntved Ruud you may also be eager to share your masterpieces on a daily basis. Ruud has challenged himself to handcraft a gorgeous wooden spoon every day for a year. At the end of his spooning journey he'll have made a total of 365 unique wooden spoons.

Each design beautifully merges functionality and art, resulting in refined kitchen utensils you can use to stir, scoop and eat your favorite foods. Ruud uses different types of wood which have been used in his homeland for generations.

His year-long project is called Daily Spoon and here's what he explained on his blog: "I make all the spoons in a traditional way with only hand tools. The point of this is to actively cooperate with the material, in this case wood...This underpins all the spoons unique qualities."

Follow Ruud's daily progress on Instagram and swing by his website to see more of his phenomenal work.

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