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Curry Flavored Oatmeal

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Curry Flavored Oatmeal

If you need a real kick to wake you up in the morning how about a spicy breakfast with this curry flavored oatmeal.

It's made by the Straw Propeller Gourmet Food company and is made with cashew nuts, coriander, raisins, cumin, paprika, mustard, cardamon, ginger and cloves - all of the essential ingredients used in making a curry.

It's vegan friendly and afar from being a marketing stunt the company behind the product are keen to expand in the gourmet oatmeal market with new flavors, saying: "We want to try to accommodate our ever growing community of supporters and rapid market expansion with a variety of options for a delicious gourmet meal on the go.”

Whatever your choice of breakfast this is certainly for those who prefer a kick in the mornings.



Via Food Beast

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