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The Cronut Cookbook Coming Soon

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The Cronut Cookbook Coming Soon

It used to be that you had to line up around the block for a Cronut. Who are we kidding? That's still the case. But pretty soon you'll be able to make Cronuts at home thanks to Dominique Ansel's upcoming cookbook.

The Cronut inventor told The Daily News his first cookbook Dominque Ansel: The Secret Recipes will be published in October. To the delight of fans the book will contain the recipe for his famous croissant-doughnut hybrid.

One can only hope the SoHo chef will also spill the beans on other decadent treats like his brilliant Cookie Cups,  heavenly Magic Soufflé, gingerbread pine cones and yummy Christmas Morning Cereal.

We'll keep you posted as more details surface about Ansel's delicious cookbook...

Via The Daily Meal

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