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Corey Arnold Photographer: Books and Exhibitions

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Corey Arnold Photographer: Books and Exhibitions
Photo Chris Arnold

After the reprint of his first book, Fish Work: The Bering Sea (click here to pre-order the volume) Corey Arnold’s second book Fishing with My Dad. 1978 - 1995 has just been published by Nazraeli Press. The volume is a collaboration between Corey and his father Chris: photographs are made by Corey’s dad throughout his childhood, growing up as a fisherman in Southern California.
The book is a limited edition printed in 500 copies, and includes an original print signed by the Arnolds: most are already pre-sold, but some are still available for purchase on Nazraeli’s website.

If you are in New York between September 8 and October 1, be sure to see Corey Arnold, Peter Beste and Céline Clanet’s photographs at Bold Hype Gallery in the exhibition Frontiers, portraying everyday life in remote parts of the planet.

Corey Arnold’s photographs have appeared in a number of publications including Esquire, The Sunday Telegraph, Rolling Stone, Outside, The Paris Review and Juxtapoz Photo Book. The photographer and fisherman has also worked for the prestigious British magazine Monocle and the Canadian travel magazine en Route.

Photo courtesy Corey Arnold

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