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6 Cool and Creative Chopstick Designs

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6 Cool and Creative Chopstick Designs
Photo Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo has developed an intriguing new line of lacquered chopsticks. The designs are a modern take on Japanese traditions that date back to the 17th century. The result? Some of the coolest chopstick designs we've ever seen.

Nendo has collaborated with Hashikura Matsukan, a luxury chopstick manufacturer known for using the traditional Japanese lacquering technique of wakasa-nuri which creates a jewel-like surface. Together, they've produced six unique designs:  Hanataba, Rassen, Kamiai, Sukima, Jikaoki and Udukuri. Here's the lowdown on each one:

Hanataba (pictured above) is a happy medium between square and round chopsticks. Their surface is cross-pleated to allow more friction for gripping food. The top end features a splash of color so the chopsticks resemble a bouquet of flowers when placed in a vase.

The Rassen chopsticks were conceived as a single unit that feature a 'swirl' at each end when separated. To achieve the twisted form, the chopsticks were passed through a multi-axis CNC mill.

The Kamiai chopsticks feature a square design outfitted with a magnet so they can be flipped and fitted into one solid piece. The magnet is on the outside ensuring the chopsticks won't stick together when eating.

The Sukima design features slim chopsticks with an aluminum core for durability. The black chopsticks create one of four motifs when placed side by side: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.

Jikaoki chopsticks come in assorted colors and have a tapered end which remains in mid-air when the utensils are placed on the table.

The Udukuri design features textured wooden chopsticks treated to enhance the natural patterns in the wood.

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